Elective clerkships for fourth-year medical students are offered by the Department of Medicine and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. UCLA students have first priority for these clerkships. However, Harbor-UCLA encourages students in good standing at other medical schools to apply. To begin the application process contact the course coordinators identified below or visit http://www.medstudent.ucla.edu/visitingstudents/.

  • Sub-Internship in Internal Medicine

    Course Number: ME450.02

    Course Chair: Darryl Y. Sue, MD

    • Phone: (310) 222-2401

    Student Coordinator: Jan Kiernan

  • Sub-Internship in Medical ICU

    Course Number: ME470.01

    Course Chair: Darryl Y. Sue, MD

    • Phone: (310) 222-2401

    Student Coordinator: Jan Kiernan

  • Clerkship in Cardiology

    Course Number: ME210.01

    Course Chair: Kenneth Narahara, MD

    • Phone: (310) 222-2596

    Student Coordinator: Ida Sanchez

  • Clerkship in Clinical Hematology and Oncology

    Course Number: ME240.03

    Course Chair: Maria Dungo, MD

    • Phone: (310) 222-2217

    Student Coordinator: Valerie Cooray

  • Clerkship in Endocrinology

    Course Number: ME225.03

    Course Chair: Ronald Swerdloff, MD

    • Phone: (310) 222-1867

    Student Coordinator: Angela Flores

  • Clerkship in Gastroenterology

    Course Number: ME230.03

    Course Chair: Viktor Eysselein, MD

    Student Coordinator: Roslynn Peterson

  • Clerkship in General Dermatology

    Course Number: ME215.08

    Course Chair: Ron Birnbaum, MD

    Student Coordinator: Debbie Hanaya

  • Clerkship in General Internal Medicine

    Course Number: ME250.01

    Course Chair: Kathy Mostafaie, MD

    Student Coordinator: Virginia Ramirez

  • Clerkship in Infectious Disease

    Course Number: ME245.02

    Course Chair: John E. Edwards, MD

    • Phone: (310) 222-3813

    Student Coordinator: Samantha Balanon

  • Clerkship in Nephrology

    Course Number: ME260.04

    Course Chair: Sharon Adler, MD

    Student Coordinator: Kathy Rowley

  • Clerkship in Rheumatology

    Course Number: ME275.02

    Course Chair: George Karpouzas

    Student Coordinator: Chasity Harris

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