Christopher Brown, MD, MPH

Year: R3
Hometown: Burbank, CA
Undergraduate: USC (Go Trojans!)
Medical School: UC Irvine (PRIME-LC)

A look into my world: I love my grandma’s Ecuadorian cooking, Angels baseball/ USC sports/ Los Lakers, running when I have the motivation, discovering new restaurants in LA/LBC, travelling, 1990s rap, rock concerts, taking the Metro ( LA has public transportation!), and date nights with health policy.

Most exciting Harbor moment: Placing three central lines, admitting an ICU patient, upgrading another ICU patient, managing a patient with severe ARDS, running to a Code Blue–all in the same call night!

Why Harbor?: 3 reasons: 1) The patients- we have the most amazing patient population! Harbor is in the center of a large, diverse, underserved community that has an enormously wide range of pathology. They are kind and truly grateful for the care we provide, making our job that much more rewarding. 2) Our co-residents and fellows- I feel so supported here at Harbor! 3) Our faculty- they are dedicated to teaching and the overall resident well-being, especially since many of them trained here!

Future: Outpatient Chief Resident at Harbor UCLA next year, then General Internal Medicine with hopes of staying within the LA county system

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Vanessa Correa, MD

Year: R2
Hometown: San Pedro, CA
Undergraduate: California State University – Dominguez Hills
Medical School: UCLA (PRIME)

A look into my world: I like traveling and seeing the beauty that this world has to offer through delicious local cuisine and magnificent breathtaking artworks. I enjoy taking care of my two Chihuahuas, baking and spending time with my family.

Most memorable Harbor moment: My most memorable moment so far would be of my last long call day. My team was able to go to Polly’s Pies for lunch. It was wonderful lunch with my excellent team and the best part was when we won the raffle for a peach pie.

Why Harbor? I chose Harbor-UCLA because of the 4P’s – the People, patients, pathology, and place. The faculty, residents and staff are incredible PEOPLE that are always willing to teach and lend a helping hand. The wonderful PATIENTS are appreciative of the care they receive and teach me every day how to be a better physician. The amazing PATHOLOGY that I thought only existed in textbooks is training me to manage a complex diversity of illnesses. Lastly, the PLACE is in Southern California, which has great weather, local food and plenty of entertainment.

Future: Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship

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Jennifer Fu, DO

Year: R2
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Undergraduate: UCLA (Once a Bruin, always a Bruin!)
Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Look into my world: I went to an osteopathic medical school and stayed an extra year to complete a pre-doctoral teaching fellowship in osteopathic manipulative medicine because I enjoy teaching and believe in the importance of a physician’s touch. When I’m not at the hospital though, you’ll find me trying a new restaurant or dancing tango somewhere…

Most memorable Harbor moment: I celebrated my birthday on a long call day during medicine wards and was surprised with a birthday card, cake, and a present from my co-interns. I kept the card in my pocket the entire month. The class of 2016 is the best!

Why Harbor: the exposure to patients with incredibly diverse pathology, the opportunity to learn from brilliant physicians, and of course my co-residents, who are always supporting me and ready to have fun.

Future Plans: Pulmonary/Critical Care fellowship


Anna Morgan, MD, MSc

Year:  Outpatient Chief Resident
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Undergraduate:  Swarthmore College
Medical School:  UC Irvine

Look into my world:  I grew up in Irvine and then left that “utopia” for the east coast and then London for grad school. I love living in downtown LA and driving down the 405 to see the family.  Personally, I like poking my nose in to other people’s business, dancing, and exploring LA! I also make it a point to have a daily, deep conversation with the current chiefs.

Most memorable Harbor moment:  I have Harbor moments almost every day!  I love the camaraderie we have – I know I can count on my colleagues to help me out in a tough situation.  I also enjoy watching the patients interact with each other and help each other out, whether it’s when they become friends while hospitalized or sit together in the clinic waiting room, I always feel like they are looking out for each other. 

Why Harbor:  Harbor is great!  For me it’s the perfect combination of camaraderie, supportive faculty, autonomy, fascinating pathology and diverse, fun and appreciative patients.

Future Plans: Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar at University of Pennsylvania

New Hua

Duong (Tommy) Hua, MD

Year: R1
Hometown: San Gabriel, CA
Undergraduate: UC Irvine
Medical School: University of Vermont

Look into my world: I lived a sheltered life in humble San Gabriel and experienced culture shock moving to Irvine, and subsequently Vermont. I went against my parents’ wishes by becoming a physician and have never regretted it! I love eating and trying new foods, watching movies, playing basketball, teaching, and of course spending time with my near-future fiancee. Favorite TV shows include Family Guy and Arrested Development. Favorite movies include Anchorman, 21/22 Jump Street, and anything Christopher Nolan. I often quote/reference hilarious movies/TV shows and if you’re like me, I promise you we’ll share a magical moment! I enjoy all kinds of music, anything from jazz to old school rap to Taylor Swift. I worked 8 jobs, played clarinet in marching band, and won a male pageant (obviously the judges were legally blind).

Most memorable Harbor moment: There are too many to name, but just to be more general, I would say chatting and hanging out with my awesome co-residents!

Why Harbor: I chose Harbor because of the strong clinical training. I wanted the full county experience with a balance of academic and community medicine. Not only do you get bread and butter medicine here, you get exposed to a very broad range of pathology. You will make many new diagnoses here at Harbor. You get the opportunity to manage all kinds of patients and are given significant autonomy, but upper levels/attendings are always accessible and you have access to expertise from all specialties. Like in any other program, there will be good days and bad days, but at the end of the day, the patients here are very appreciative for all the things you do for them and you’ve got your awesome co-workers right by your side!

Future Plans: Hospitalist


Tariq Hashmi, MD

Year:  R2
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Undergraduate:  UC Davis
Medical School:  Boston University

Look into my world:  When I’m not in the hospital, you can usually find me indulging in Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Running, Junk food, Netflix, hanging out with family, Guitaring, 80s Karaoke, Backpacking, Grilling steaks with harbor buddies, or Napping at the beach

Most memorable Harbor moment:  I was on-call with one of my buddies on his birthday. A patient was crashing in the CCU with septic shock from an infected device, and though only one of us was responsible for the patient, we all went down together: an R1, R2, and R3 team. After supervising the intern’s first central line, we were able to resuscitate the patient, and they ultimately had a good outcome. Upon returning to the resident lounge, we found that our co-residents had brought in birthday cake and buffalo wings! Good friends, good food, and good medicine: just another day at Harbor.

Why Harbor:  A county hospital is a special place, and for me, it is mostly about the people. The faculty here devote their careers to helping the underserved. The patients are medically interesting, grateful, and engaged in their care. The housestaff are incredibly tightly-knit and supportive. Living minutes from the beach in idyllic Southern California is an added bonus.

Future Plans: Cardiology fellowship


Chelsey Forbess, MD

Year: R3

Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA

Undergraduate: Harvard

Medical School: NYU School of Medicine

A look into my world: If I weren’t a doctor, I’d probably be singing an aria or a showtune somewhere

Most memorable Harbor moment: When I started dreaming in Spanish

Why Harbor? The patients. The cases. The residents. I learn from each and every person I work with, and every day brings new challenges and unforgettable experiences. Plus, I live 3 blocks from the beach in Hermosa Beach, so I have a great place to unwind after a hard day!

Future: Fellowship in rheumatology, and moving to San Diego to be with my new husband!

Nancy Hsu 2012

Nancy Hsu, MD

Year: R3

Hometown: Inland Empire, CA

Undergraduate: UCLA

Medical School: UCSF

A look into my world: Living in the sunny and beautiful South Bay means I can do all my most favorite activities – running along Redondo Beach and eating brunch outdoors.

Most memorable Harbor moment: Every moment listening to the interesting conversations and watching my co-residents’ antics in the resident lounge!

Why Harbor? Taking care of underserved patients, interesting pathology, many procedural opportunities, and awesome coworkers. Plus, nothing beats going to work in a place with year around great weather.

Future: Pulmonary/Critical Care fellowship. Then attending at a county institution or academic center or both?


Augustine Pyo, MD

Year: R1

Hometown: Glastonbury, CT / Cambridge, MA

Undergraduate: Tufts University

Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine

A look into my world: Having grown up on the East Coast, I longed for sunnier days filled with more beaches and less blizzards. I transplanted myself out West and have loved every second of it. As for myself, I like to think of myself as a collector of hobbies! It is always exciting to learn something new, to put in some hard work and dedication in learning the craft, then ultimately finding enjoyment in the hobby itself (hence why pursuing a career focused on continuous learning suits me well). I have trained in Taekwondo for over 20 years (Code Green anyone?), and classically trained in piano for 11. Some of my more eclectic hobbies include also bowling, ping-pong, magic, Ultimate Frisbee, and I’ve even dabbled a bit into lock picking. Even more enjoyable, however, is sharing these hobbies with my co-residents. Examples include: Surgery vs Medicine Bowling Nights, Interns vs R2/R3s in Beach Volleyball during retreat, or even just hanging out and playing video games at HQ. All in all, I enjoy spending good times, with good people, and I’ve found that here at Harbor.

Most memorable Harbor moment: My first rotation officially as a Doctor was my clinic rotation. A week or two in, I was working in Urgent Care when I was assigned a young adult and her mother. I forget what the initial chief complaint was, but near the end of the interview, the mother hands me a written note expressing her and her husband’s concern for their daughter’s recent suicidal ideation. The difficulty was that the daughter was reluctant to address these issues, and being an adult, had the capacity to leave anytime she wanted. Two weeks into the job and I felt overwhelmed. However, seeing the concern on the mother’s face, and knowing that this would ultimately be in the patient’s best interest, I brushed off the dust on my Motivational Interviewing training I received in medical school, and did my best to convince her to stay just a little longer and visit the Psych ER to be evaluated. The gratitude of the patient’s mother when the patient finally agreed was truly rewarding and taught me my first of many lessons here at Harbor: You must advocate for your patients, because sometimes they don’t have anyone else to advocate for them. That experience has stuck with me and has guided me thus far during my Intern year.

Why Harbor? When evaluating Internal Medicine programs, Harbor truly seemed to be the Trifecta. Amazing teachers (with multiple recognitions for excellence in teaching residents and medical students), great pathology (we had leprosy diagnosed in our halls for crying out loud), and awesome residents (come for an interview and you’ll see for yourself). Although I planned on pursuing a subspecialty, I really wanted to have a solid understanding and training in general medicine prior to specializing. A building can not be stable without a strong foundation so consequently, I believed that I would not be able to excel in a subspecialty without first having a strong fundamental understanding of General Medicine. Harbor provided the ideal environment for my Internal Medicine training, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this program.

Future: Cardiology

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